You who are already a successful affiliate, or have the dream of becoming one, certainly know the potential and advantages of this type of work.

  • The investment to start is low
  • You don’t need to have any products
  • No need to worry about logistics or customer support
  • Time flexibility
  • Global market, and many others!

However, I see several people out there saying that affiliate marketing generates passive income, that is, the income you earn even when you are traveling or even sleeping.

I have over 15 years of experience with digital marketing, and I can categorically say: NOTHING MORE WRONG !!!

If you know any Top Affiliate, you know what a real routine is like. I know some of the biggest in Brazil, and I mean, they work day and night, they have to start over from scratch several times, and some even lose their fortunes faster than they won!

I will cite some reasons that make this happen:

  • Facebook cancels your round campaign “out of the blue”.
  • That best-selling product is going out of style as fast as it got in, or the producer simply decides to take the product down or change the affiliation rules.
  • Do you work with SEO? A change in Google’s algorithm drops your sales by more than 80% overnight.
  • Is your strategy super solid and are you calm? Well … any competitor can see everything you are doing, and with a simple Ctrl C + Ctrl V you will soon see your margins plummet.
  • In the United States, affiliates are already being held responsible for false or exaggerated advertisements, and the lawsuits amount to millions of dollars!

Tell me the truth, does this really look like passive income to you?

In no way do I want to end your dreams of living on the internet and lead a dream life. But I am really concerned with the number of people who enter this market with an expectation, and they go out of their way when faced with reality.

Ok, but is there any solution?

Yes there is! You have probably heard of network marketing, relationship marketing or multilevel marketing. Are you wondering what this has to do with affiliation? Follow me to the end of this post and I’ll explain everything.

Network Marketing practically invented the modern concept of passive income. In this type of activity, you work by recruiting people to your network in some direct sales company, and these people do the same job, making the volume of products moved in your network become cash commissions.

It looks perfect right? Not so much … a network marketer must perform a series of activities to be successful.

Follow me with some of these activities:

  • You must find prospects, that is, people with the appropriate profile for the company you operate in;
  • You should invite these prospects to a meeting where you will present the company. 90% of people fail here;
  • Must present the company and show the business plan. If your sales skills are not as sharp, you have a problem;
  • You must follow up (push therapy) your prospects, until they register with the company. In this part you will get the reputation of boring the class and will probably see your party invitations wane …;
  • Did you register your prospectus? Now you must teach him how to do everything you do. Yes, you have to become a leader!

So, will you face the challenge? 90% of people fail in relationship marketing, and unfortunately you have a great chance of failing too.

Now is the time you say: – Ok, you managed to destroy all my dreams …

Calm! Take a deep breath and I’ll explain what the “cat’s jump” is.

What if there was a way to work with network marketing, exactly the same way you work with affiliation, that is, just generating traffic for campaigns?

You must be thinking about an automatic recruitment system, right? Unfortunately they don’t work for network marketing ☹. But I don’t blame you, our digital marketer mind works anyway ?.

The secret is what we call “Network Marketing 4.0” .

I’ll explain better.

What if there was a way to work with network marketing as a real team? Remember the activities I mentioned earlier? What if each person did just one of those activities, the one in which they have the most skill, and delegated the others to others on the team?

I bet now you raised your right eyebrow and thought “um, I could just do the promotion on the Internet and build a huge network …”

You’re right! But how could that be possible?

With technology, little grasshopper, TECHNOLOGY! Remember I mentioned Network Marketing 4.0?

That’s exactly what Team Alpha Diamond created. A revolutionary platform that links affiliate marketing to network marketing. Our platform allows the creation of “Intelligent Teams”, where our system monitors processes and people cooperate, creating a value chain with potential thousands of times greater than those made in the traditional way.

What we did was to unite the best of both worlds: The planetary scale of affiliate marketing with the exponential passive income generation of network marketing!

And the best part is now, Team Alpha Diamond is recruiting people who want to act as affiliates, generating traffic for ready-made campaigns, or even creating their own campaigns.

You will earn high commissions on recruitment, and build a network that will generate passive, lifelong and hereditary income!

Now a little detail … everyone who joins your network, at any level of depth, will have access to this same platform, and will be able to build networks in more than 140 countries! If your mind has not exploded now, I believe you have been able to see the potential of it all.

But how to participate? Which company? How much does it cost to enter?

Calm. We will explain everything in a webinar, in a very detailed way. We will be taking questions by chat and at the end you can still ask a member of our team to finish detailing everything.

We are looking for thirsty people to revolutionize both affiliate marketing and network marketing. So, are you up for it?

To register for the webinar just click here .

A big hug,

Luiz Roscoe – Alpha Diamond Team

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Luiz Roscoe

Founder of the Alpha Diamond team, he has over 15 years of experience with digital marketing and is completely passionate about network marketing 4.0

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