The Alpha Diamond team is a group of independent relationship marketing distributors with the objective of promoting the development of its members' business.

The Alpha Diamond platform is a software with limited access to independent relationship marketing distributors registered on the team's network. The software aims to provide different technological solutions to foster the results of the team members.

To be part of the Alpha Diamond team and have access to the Alpha Diamond platform, all the user needs to do is join the relationship marketing company developed by the team, directly with the distributor ID alphadiamond or with any of their downlines , as well as becoming an independent distributor by purchasing an appropriate product package.

The costs are those related to the association and acquisition of an appropriate package of products from the company developed by the Alpha Diamond team. The use of the Alpha Diamond platform is free on a PROMOTIONAL basis, so it may be necessary to charge a monthly fee for the purposes of maintenance and expansion of the platform. In the event of a charge, members of the Alpha Diamond team will be notified with a minimum period of 30 days of charge.

To find out which company the Alpha Diamond team works with, it is necessary to register to watch the presentation of the business plan.

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