Multilevel marketing people often experience a love-hate relationship at the same time.

You know the company, you fall in love with the products, you are dazzled by the possibility of personal development and you see in the compensation plan the answer to all your financial dreams, right?

This was apart from all the other advantages that this form of entrepreneurship offers, such as freedom and low investment.

But there is one thing that your sponsor probably didn’t tell you. Calm down, you don’t have to fight with anyone, okay? They didn’t tell him that either.

Almost everyone who enters a direct sales company dreams of reaching the top. The meetings are animated with music, people are happy, the travel photos are incredible …

And more than half of the people who register will never make AN invitation in their lives. In fact, only 10% will make a living from network marketing, and just under 1% will make it to the top.

But why does this happen? It all seemed so perfect, it made so much logic in the beginning, didn’t it?

For the reason unfortunately is obvious. See the image below:



Yes, these are the activities that those who work with multilevel marketing must do to recruit people for your network. These are activities that require skills so different that only a minimal proportion of people have all of them. You must be a great salesman, presenter, leader, psychologist, coach …

In short, to get on top of traditional multilevel marketing, you have to be a…



And the truth is hard, if you fail in any of these activities, it will surely be the bottleneck of your entire business. Hence your resilience will determine how long you will continue to insist on this area.

But what about the incredible advantages? What about the lifestyle and bank account of a movie star? It’s so hard to give up a dream, isn’t it?

For now you don’t have to give up this dream. And the answer has a name: TECHNOLOGY.

Have you heard of Network Marketing 4.0?

Network Marketing 4.0 finally evolved, in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The video below explains what this revolution is.



Incredible, isn’t it? This is the business model used by today’s most innovative companies, such as Uber, Netflix, AirBNB … Now imagine this technology at your fingertips for you to develop a network marketing business. And of course, on a world scale. It would be extraordinary, right?

With the Alpha Diamond team, this is now possible. See the image below:



Imagine really acting in multilevel marketing as in a real team. Each person performs a part of the work, the one they like best, and a system organizes the work in order to maximize the results of everyone, generating a gain in scale hundreds of times greater than you would have working alone?

Imagine being able to build teams in more than 140 countries around the world, with local people attending to your prospects, and everyone earning from it?

Imagine being able to stop insisting on inviting people who don’t believe in the business, and being able to meet only people who are interested in the opportunity?

So STOP NOW to imagine. This already exists, and is called Alpha Diamond. And we are selecting people to become leaders of the biggest revolution in the history of multilevel marketing.

We invite you to know in more detail how we will definitely transform the way of working with multilevel marketing, using the highest technology.

Best of all, your entire network will have access to this technology. Can you imagine the power of this? Don’t give up on your dreams, we know exactly what they mean to you. And we want to help you reach them.

Click here to get to know the Alpha Diamond team in detail, and work smart on a global scale.

A big hug,

Luiz Roscoe – Alpha Diamond Team

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Founder of the Alpha Diamond team, he has over 15 years of experience with digital marketing and is completely passionate about network marketing 4.0

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